Siyum Learning to Honor Victims of Pittsburgh Attack Columbus Community Kollel


January 15, 2019 @ 8:00 pm America/New York Timezone
Rabbi Hillel Kapenstein
(614) 237-7133

This year’s siyum –and its accompanying Torah study — will have a special dedication. Each participant will study a section of Mishnah or Chumash l’ilui nishmas (on behalf of) the victims of the Pittsburgh attack. In the weeks leading up to the siyum on March 24th, the Kollel will hold special learning sessions each Tuesday at 8 pm, giving participants the opportunity to study and complete their portion of the learning.

We invite everyone in our community — regardless of educational background — to unite and study Torah under one roof as our response to the attack on the Jewish community– and as a merit for the precious neshamahs (souls) who perished in the attack. We are happy to pair you up with a compatible chavrutah (learning partner) and provide you with all the study resources you need. Doors will open next week for those wishing to get an early start.